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Betty M. Stephen

The Author

Betty M. Stephen, was born in Lake City, South Carolina.  She was raised in the Bronx, New York. She is an award winning Playwright and Author. She has authored numerous books.  She penned an award winning play based on the Women's Liberation movement, which took her to Washington, DC to tour the Capitol and allotted her the opportunity to grace the stage of the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City (reciting original poetry written by her).  Her love and compassion for people is the driving force behind her passion for writing.  As a young girl, she wrote for friends and family, never realizing that years later that she would be writing stories that would attract so many others. Her work as a writer has been described as thought provoking and cutting edge.


She was featured twice in BTMB Magazine (Shi Lewis, Editor-in-Chief) and PC Urban Magazine (Phenomenal Woman edition) (Lyric Raines, Editor-in-Chief).  She is a recipient of a number of awards, The WOEM (Women of Empowerment) Award and two time recipient of The Peach Theatre Award (2014 and 2015), to mention a few.  She is also a recipient of the 2022 CeCe Radio and Entertainment Award. She has been a featured artist and interviewed on the gospel radio format 360 Gospel; (covering over 40 cities).  Betty had the privilege of being interviewed by 3 time Stellar Award nominee and award recipient  Liz Black (the "Radio Angel" of WBLS and WLIB) and on the radio format "Conversations with Liz Black."  She was interviewed by Cheryl Lacey Donovan, Founder/CEO of the monthly television broadcast "Real Life Real Faith."  She was also a featured artist on H.D. Campbell's "The Author's Corner." Betty was named Writer to Watch in 2015 by Ms. Marsha Wright, world renowned serial entrepreneur, TV Business Expert and #1 bestselling author.  In addition, Betty is a member of the Black Leadership Network (BLN) and is a member of Etc Etc Toastmasters Club.  She serves in the capacity of Vice President of Public Relations in the Toastmasters club.


Betty attended Herbert H. Lehman College, majored in Liberal Arts and her minor was Psychology.  She has studied Writing for Film and TV at New York University (NYU).  Her future online magazine "IRON SHARPENS IRON" is one of the tools she hopes to use to empower and encourage others, particularly women.  The magazine will be geared towards those who have lost the confidence to believe that they can find and/or reclaim their purpose in life!  Her stage plays I LAUGH TO MYSELF (based on her novel) and CROC ("Citizens Resisting Oppressive Citizens") which was reviewed and well received by two time TONY Award nominated playwright and Grammy Award nominated lyricist Mr. Reg E. Gaines (Bring in da Noise, Bring in da Funk) will debut in the near future.  Her much anticipated novel GROWING DECISIONS is being adapted into a film.  


Her most recent recognitions and awards are as follows:

  • Recipient of the 2015 Women of Empowerment Award (the WOEM)

  • Recipient of the 2015 Peach Theatre Award

  • Named "Writer to Watch" in 2015 by Marsha Wright

  • Named "Fresh Writer" in 2015 by Niume

  • Recipient of the 2016 Peach Theatre Award


 Betty is a prolific writer and a notable author of several published works –  

  1. She is A Woman (stage play)

  2. Growing Decision (a novel/upcoming film)

  3. G Man's Story (a dramatic monologue)  

  4. From A Gray Perspective (a collection of poetry)

  5. I Laugh to Myself (a short story)

  6. A Christmas Story (a comedic/drama play)

  7. Broken Promises (a collection of poetry)

  8. FREE (a dramatic monologue, (performed by Divine Providence)

  9. The Reason for the Season (recorded play for Agapanthus (the blind and visually impaired organization)

  10. B & P of New York (Pilot TV show, co-writer and co-director)

  11. CROC (upcoming stage play)

Betty is currently working on her stage play "CROC" (Citizens Resisting Oppressive Citizens) based on rising racial tensions in the big city after African-American Randy Abuja's violent encounter with law enforcement, her autobiography “Time of Release” and a new novel entitled “The Cook Family” centering around Lorraine Cook and her family whose sneaky clean image is threatened by the dirty family secrets that are ultimately exposed. Betty is co-Editor of Profile Magazine.  She is a member of the Black Leadership Network (BLN). She currently serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for Etc. Etc. Toastmasters Club. 


  1. First Cut Radio (N. Stevenson) 

  2. The Author's Corner (H. D. Campbell)  

  3. BTMB Magazine (S. Lewis) 

  4. 360 Gospel (T. Williams) 

  5. Real Life Real Faith (C. Donovan)

  6. PC Urban Magazine (L. Raines) 

  7. Conversations with L. Black

  8. Black Leadership Network Dress for Success Speaker


  1. 1975 NYC Award Winning Playwright

  2. 2015 Recipient Women of Empowerment Award

  3. 2015 Caribbean American Writers Association Award

  4. 2015 Peach Theatre Award 

  5. 2015 Named Writer to Watch by Marsha Wright

  6. 2015 Named Fresh Writer by Niume

  7. 2016 Peach Theatre Award

  8. 2020 Black Leadership Network (Poet)

  9. 2022 CeCe Radio & Entertainment Award   

Listen to my Gospel 360 BackStage interview with Liz Black, 2012 & 2104 Stellar award nominee for “Radio Personality of the Year” and 2013 nominee for the “Reach Award.”

Liz Black Interview - Betty Stephen
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